Products & Services

System Enhancement Resources & Technologies Sdn Bhd, or commonly referred to as SERT, has the capabilities to fabricate, supply and perform MRO on various defence and security related vehicles. The company also has a track record in supplying and fabricating road rail systems for local railways.


  • Fabrication of specialised vehicles for the Military, Police and other Government agencies.
  • Building and fabricating bodies for vehicles such as busses, coaches, ambulance and passenger vans.
  • Refurbishment and retrofit of vehicles and trucks.
  • Supply spare parts, components and accessories for trucks, busses and special vehicles.
  • Supply radar systems, electronic equipment’s as well as surveillance and tracking systems.
  • Provide armour protection for passenger vehicles.


  • URO VAMTAC- High Mobility Vehicles
  • TATRA – High Mobility Vehicles
  • DESTINI Trucks
  • Transportable Expandable Cabin (TEC)
  • GIRN Vehicle


The Motor Trolley, Bogie Rail Wagon and Bogie Ballast Hopper is a joint development programme between SERT and Korea-based company Sung Shin Rolling Stock Technology Limited (SSRST). The foreign company is SERT’s technical partner and consultant in developing the motor trolley that is to be customised to comply with the Malaysian Rail Standard.

  • Motor trolley
  • Bogie Rail Wagon
  • Bogie Ballast Hopper
  • Road Rail Vehicle (RRV)
  • Knuckle Coupler

MRO Services

Our Forward Repair Team (FRT) and MRO are one of the best in their field of work, providing services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week around the country.
With expertise obtained from years of experience and also professional training from our international partners and OEM’s, our MRO team of specialist technicians are capable of providing the prime solution in MRO services.