Our marine division is able to build, manufacture, supply and provide MRO for a wide range of vessels.

Destini Armada

The Destini Armada group of companies, which includes Destini Shipbuilding and Engineering, Vanguarde, the Techno Fibre Group and AMS, is able to offer manufacturing and construction services together with maintenance and through-life support for a wide variety of government and commercial vessels. Destini Armada has the capability to construct specialist vessels of up to 100 meters in length as well as manufacture lifeboats and integrated davit systems for government agencies, shipping and offshore industries.


Singapore-based Vanguarde manufactures lifeboats, fast rescue boats, davit systems and a host of other safety and survival related equipment for the marine and oil and gas industries in South East Asia. The company prides itself of being able to build self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboats which are highly in demand as it meets the highest standards of marine safety and survival.


Techno Fibre was established in 1993 in Singapore to serve the marine safety industry. As the years progressed, the group of four entities has evolved geographically to have a foothold in Australia and the UAE as one of the foremost names in the whole spectrum of lifeboats and marine safety industry.


Destini Shipbuilding & Engineering is a shipbuilding and ship repair company located in Port Klang, Selangor. The company has the capability to fabricate a wide range of vessels of up to 100 meters in length for the Government, maritime agencies as well as commercial marine companies.


AMS was established in Singapore to build and repair ships, tankers and other ocean-going vessels as well as manufacture and repair of marine engines. The company has three core business divisions which are; design, fabrication and servicing of heat exchangers, fabrication, installation and erection of piping and steelworks, calibration and automation for the marine, shipping and oil and gas industries.

Destini Prima

Apart from aviation MRO, Destini Prima is also capable of MRO and supply of safety and survival related equipment for the maritime sector. With bases in close proximity of maritime ports, Destini Prima provides operation readiness to various Government maritime agencies.